Prepworld Llc        "School Active Shooter"

A Recent FBI study reports "ACTIVE SHOOTER" incidents have tripled in recent years--with 29% of these attacks occurring at schools.

Parents and kids nowadays face new challenges that require preparedness and action!

  • The average parent spent 5 hours organizing back to school supplies this summer versus 1 hour on emergency preparedness over the past year.
  • 69 million children are separated from their parents every workday for an average of 9 hours and an average 18 minute trip away.
  • 1 in 5 parents say their child's school or child care doesn't have their current contact info.
  • 42% of parents don't know where to reunite with their child if their school or childcare center is evacuated.
  • 67% of parents don't know if their child's school or child care practices emergency drills frequently.
  • 49% of parents don't feel very prepared to protect their kids from disasters.

Source: Save the Children 2014 National Report Card on Protecting Children in Disasters. For more information or to read the entire report

Children are not simply small adults

Children have unique vulnerabilities in disasters that must be addressed in disaster management activities and policies. For example:

  • Children may experience long-lasting effects such as academic failure, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, bereavement, and other behavioral problems such as delinquency and substance abuse.
  • Children are more susceptible to chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear threats and require different medications, dosages, and delivery systems than adults.
  • During disasters, young children may not be able escape danger, identify themselves, and make critical decisions.
  • Children are dependent on adults for care, shelter, transportation, and protection from predators.
  • Children are often away from parents, in the care of schools, child care providers, Head Start or other child congregate care environments, which must be prepared to ensure children’s safety.
  • Children must be expeditiously reunified with their legal guardians if separated from them during a disaster.