Each year millions of children are disproportionately impacted by disasters disrupting their lives, families and communities -----from simple house fires to the levels of devastation witnessed in the 2004 Tsunami, the 2005 Hurricane Katrina and the most recent disasters seen on television daily, yet insufficient attention has been given to preparing this population.

Youth are particularly susceptible to three types of vulnerabilities during a disaster:

  • Psychological
  • Physical
  • Educational

Disaster trauma begins with fear.

Physiological responses to fear are:


  • Fight,flight, freeze response
  • Hyper-vigilance, arousal, paranoia
  • Perceptual and information processing distortions
  • Pain Tolerance
  • Emotional blunting
  • Aggression and irritability


  • Memory processing and retrieval
  • Reality testing
  • Body and emotional awareness
  • Immune response

Disaster trauma and young brains are a bad combination, something that sets in motion feelings and behaviors that can haunt a child into adulthood.  

At PrepWorld LLC we develop products that support home schoolers desire for customize education that meets the need of individualism.

It is important to teach youth preparedness and safety for emergencies, disasters and hazards that will help them reduce their fears.

  • Parents should remember that the psychological effects of a disaster doesn't go away once the emergency or event has passed.
  • Children are uniquely affected by disasters because not only do they have to deal with their fears, they have to deal with the anxiety and fears of their parents.
  • Children can suffer from nightmares or other problems for years after a disaster.
  • Children are better able to cope with a traumatic event such as a disaster if they build resilience and have parent and family support to help them with their experience. 

PrepBiz Disaster Literacy Gamification App

PrepBiz recognizes the emotional effects of disasters and other traumatic events are not always immediate, can last for years and affect youth academic attainment. 

  • PrepBiz educational app turns itself into a virtual classroom, library or studio to educate youth about safety and preparedness without losing what makes education, educational.
  • PrepBiz characters must navigate across 25+ disaster and emergency challenges based on real life scenarios. The end user faces such trials as floods, downed power lines, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and falling debris as well as active shooter drills.
  • PrepBiz Disaster Literacy educational app helps to develop non-cognitive skills that are as fundamental as cognitive skills in explaining how we learn and if we succeed. Those non-cognitive skills, that is, not what you know, but how you behave are far more important in emergency situations than non-threatening situations.   

The value of having knowledge is knowing how to make decisions using the knowledge, which is what PrepBiz teaches.

Take an active role in your child's safety, awareness and preparedness!

Don't Let One Disaster Lead to Another


What are others home schooling families saying about PrepBiz?

"I am a single parent homeschooling my 3 boys ages 8, 10 and 12. Even though this this is my 3rd year  homeschooling this is my 1st year incorporating safety and preparedness about disasters and emergencies into the learning. Although there is not a lot of age-appropriate material I found , PrepBiz has opened my eyes to how unprepared we as a family were and how gaining insight into awareness and preparedness gave me and my boys comfort in knowing if we were together or apart we could handle the situation. I now feel comfortable when my boys are out and I hear news alerts."

                                                                                             Rhonda, homeschooling mom     

"My wife and I have been homeschooling our kids ages 6 and 9 for over 2 years  and have used a few different curriculum both online and offline. We now do most of our curriculum purchasing online and until recently we could not find a product online or offline that supported our desire to teach safety and preparedness to our kids. As a first responder I know the importance of educating my kids and family members on safety, awareness and all hazards prepardness. We see daily news stories about bombings, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and shootings my kids began asking me nwhy do people want to hurt us at schools and my wife didn't  know how to respond to those questions, we found by allowing our kids to play PrepBiz they were able to understand disasters and other disruptive events at a level we were comfortable with and even found fun and engaging for us as well!"

                                                                                                Robert, New Orleans, Louisiana