Are Your Kids Safe At School?

PrepBiz Safe & Supportive Schools Enrichment Program

For roughly 9 months out of the year, your child spend most of the time away from the home in school. Five days a week from early morning to mid-afternoon. During that time, who's responsible for your child? Schools generally have to provide a safe environment for their students. This means the school has to take reasonable steps to make sure your child isn't traumatized by a disaster or at risk to an active shooter entering the school.

PrepBiz Safe & Supportive Schools Enrichment programs is an 8 week (1 hour sessions) whereby the students are educated on disaster literacy using workbooks, storybooks and the PrepBiz gamification app. Each session is led by a trained teacher or professional from the fields of healthcare, first responder and/or social work.

After the 8 week enrichment session kids are tested on the material learned and with satisfactory completion they graduate with a certificate certifying each graduate as a PrepBiz Emergency Preparedness Game Ambassadors.  

Kids who are recognized as PrepBiz Game Ambassadors will be competent in age appropriate disaster literacy, mitigation and risk when faced with disasters, emergencies and hazards covered in the program.

Disasters covered in the enrichment program:

1. Fires

2. Hurricanes

3. Floods

4. Tornadoes

5. Earthquakes

6. Active shooter incidents

PrepBiz and its partners encourage students to try new things and strive to find fun, meaningful experiences to learn. Learning and fun is not mutually exclusive. In fact students who embrace the opportunity to learn through the PrepBiz enrichment program emerge well-rounded with a richer understanding of self, world incidents, and acquire engagement knowledge for better outcomes when face with disasters, emergencies and/or hazards.

PrepBiz Game Ambassadors will have the opportunity to participate in field trips and Q&A sessions with medical and emergency management personnel as well as first responders. 

Field Trips and Guest Speakers   

Field trips and guest speakers affords participants the vision of real world experiences and answers to real world problems they face. Research reflects kids do not want to talk about disasters after they occur. They want to talk about all the other issues they face. Post-disaster there are a lot of things going on in their community. Research reflects that kids in disaster don't need to reprocess the event over and over again, they want to move on and not be re-traumatized.

PrepBiz disaster literacy enrichment program is founded on the principle that students---acknowledged as Ambassador game changers, armed with disaster engagement knowledge would be empowered to create meaningful relationships with knowledge by interacting, playing and doing. Seeing real world things and experiences coupled with participation in real world and virtual environment disaster scenarios through game-play empowers students by their growing knowledge of their city, its people, jobs and community.  PrepBiz enrichment program helps students see that any difficult challenges they experience during and after an event can be a source of knowledge, inspiration, and even career choice to get involved, rather than only suffering.

PrepBiz gamification app and disaster literacy enrichment program allows students to take risks and troubleshoot through a variety of challenges. Research shows when play is integrated through playful problem solving practices end users develop 21st Century learning skills.

Youth Resiliency

Because all disasters are local student involvement in their communities and schools is essential and highly encouraged. As the frequency and intensity of disasters increases, its imperative that schools and communities strengthen the bond of community members by promoting resiliency.

Once the focus of the lens becomes wider, the "WHY ME" question goes away and turns into "WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP!" PrepBiz game Ambassadors can play an important role in disaster preparedness by being good messengers of preparedness information and messaging and advocates for action with their families and friends, especially in communities and families that speak more than one language or where English is a second language.

It's not possible to protect today's youth from the increase frequency in disasters. Raising resilient youth, however is possible by providing them with the tools they need to respond to the challenges of adolescence when faced with disasters and adversity and to navigate successfully into adulthood. Despite our best efforts, we cannot prevent life disruptive events and toxic stress, but we can learn to be more resilient by changing how we think about challenges and adversities.

Todays' families especially our children are under tremendous stress with the potential to damage both physical health and psychological well-being. The future of any society depends on its ability to foster the healthy development of the next generation. 

PrepBiz Enrichment Program Participant Materials and Merchandise

Every student knows the drill; come to school or program the first day, meet your new teacher, listen to the classroom procedures, pick up the class school supplies list.  Each student in the PrepBiz disaster literacy school enrichment program receives an assortment of back to school and continued participation school supplies. The school supplies include the PrepBiz MyPrepareID pocket card, PrepBiz book bag/back pack and other needed supplies and materials that enhances the school and disaster literacy enrichment program experience. 

According to a 2014 FEMA report entitled "Preparedness in America," schools are an effective channel to reach both youth and families with preparedness messages. Households with school children who brought home preparedness materials were significantly more likely to report preparing than those who did not receive materials; they were 75% more likely to have a household plan they had discussed as a family, and twice as likely to have participated in a home drill.

Integration of PrepBiz Disaster Literacy Enrichment Program with K-12 Schools   

Schools nowadays face new challenges that require preparedness and action. Procedures for school evacuation and lock-down measures are now common place in schools. Currently 25 states have laws that explicitly mandate schools practice some form of drill-for-threats such as active shooter and 32 states have laws that mandate some kind of emergency drill beyond fires, earthquakes or tornadoes.

PrepBiz Strategic Partnerships to Bring Youth Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Literacy to the Forefront Using Technology Gamification

Investing in our youth pays off in the long haul, many times over and a major investment in youth disaster literacy and emergency preparedness is long overdue. Children have been conceptualized as helpless victims when disaster strikes, but they can be proactive agents to communicate risks and take proactive actions. Instilling preparedness knowledge and basic first aid skills in youth today will help develop a future of prepared adults.

PrepBiz looks to establish quality relationships with organization, sponsors and business entities who support the vision and commitment in supporting kids in disaster. If you or your company wishes to learn more on how you can partner with PrepWorld LLC in support of the PrepBiz educational program please do not hesitate to use the contact form on this website to alert us.